2014 Confederation of Asian Futsal U23 Asia Cup

March 26th, 2014

On 5th April, 2014, the “U23 Asia Cup 2014”is going to be held in Malaysia. The“U23 Asia Cup 2014”is organized by CAFS and is also the very first Asia Cup of CAFS since CAFS was established.

“U23 Asia Cup 2014”is at the highest level of all the CAFS games, and is expected to raise the horizon of futsal profession in Asia. Through the upcoming“U23 Asia Cup 2014”, CAFS expects more and more people in Asia to understand the charm of futsal, and, therefore, to support the development of futsal in Asia.

In order to build up the quality of this game, CAFS gathers the most skillful staffs in futsal profession to organize the“U23 Asia Cup 2014”. It is also an honor for everyone who participates“U23 Asia Cup 2014”as part of it. To each member association, winning the champion represents an approval of its work in promoting futsal profession in its nation.

Four teams will participate in the “U23 Asia Cup 2014”including Taiwan (R.O.C.), Singapore, India, Bengal, and the host, Malaysia. “U23 Asia Cup 2014”Will take place at Malacca, Malaysia and is expected to bring up the futsal fever in Asia.