Chinese Taipei Futsal Association hold a selective trial for the “2014 CAFS U23 Asia Cup”

January 06th, 2014

A selective trial for the “2014 CAFS U23 Asia Cup” was hold by the C.T.F.S.A during December 30th and 31st. Four teams participated in this trial, Taipei, Yilan, Chiayi and Pingtung. In order to win the championship, it was competitive and each team was showing their best. At the end of the game, Chiayi won the finals and became the champion of this tournament.

Twenty players were selected for the pregame training and only sixteen of them will play for Taiwan team after the final selection. Of the 20 players, 14 players were from the champion team, Chiayi, and the other six players are from the rest of teams. The coach of the champion team will become the head coach of Taiwan team.

We are looking forward that after the pregame training, each player can bring out their best.