New milestone for Asian FUTSAL

November 18th, 2013

Chinese taipei women futsal team lost 3-8 to Czech republic yesterday, ending their first journey in AMF world cup in quarter final.

Czech players outplayed our players in both physical and technical aspects, but Yi Ling Hsieh transferred our few chances into a goal in the first half. However, in the second half, tiredness and pressure led our defense into chaos. Czech grabbed chances and took huge lead, while Chinese Taipei can only scored 2 goals in the very end of the game. Despite losing the game, our sportsmanship still won the applause from worldwide.

In other quarterfinals, Argentina beat Paraguay 4-3; Venezuela comfortably beat Australia 6-2; host Columbia beat former champions Catalonia 4-0.

Chinese Taipei women futsal team had an incredible trip in their first performance in AMF worlds cup, setting a new milestone for asian futsal.

CAFS will keep holding Asian women futsal championship and develop futsal in asia in the future.