CAFS established in Taiwan

October 09th, 2013

Since the 2004 FIFA Futsal World Cup, Taipei Futsal Association(TPFSA) and Chinese Taipei Futsal Association (CTFSA) has born the responsibility of futsal promotion and internationalization in Taiwan.

In 2010, CTFSA held the international tournament and invited futsal clubs from Malaysia, China and Thailand to play against Taiwan's clubs. This international game became the predecessor of the Strait Futsal Premier League in 2011. The Strait Futsal Premier league, originally held for Cross-Strait (Taiwan and China) sport interaction, has grown significantly to an Asia-Pacific tournament in few years. In the 2013 the defending champion Taipei Futsal Club invited two Spanish players to participate in and their technique and tactical vision raised the competition level. TPFSA is now planning to invite clubs from Europe and South American next year, and SFPL is becoming more and more attractive.

In 2012 CTFSA held the Referee Course and invited professional referee instructors from Galicia, Spain. This event became the bridge between CTFSA and FGFS (Galicia Futsal Federation), the two associations had a great time cooperating in the referee course, and decided to sign the Cooperation Agreement. The Agreement offer the chance to send brilliant Taiwanese players to Spain for trials in different futsal clubs, which fulfilled Chi Shan-Fa's Spanish dream in 2013. In the same year, CTFSA won the bid for establishing Confederation of Asian Futsal (CAFS) governance body in Taipei, Taiwan. In August, Chinese Taipei competed in the 2013 World Games in Cali, Colombia as the first Asian team who participated in the AMF futsal games.

In September, along with the 2013 Strait Futsal Premier League, was the CAFS Referee and Coach Instructor Courses. The course, as the very first event held by CAFS, was also another cooperation between CTFSA and FGFS.

Recently, CTFSA is training men, women, and youth players to participate in Australia Club Championship in October, and Women's World Cup in November in Colombia.