2014 Referee & Coach Seminar

June 03rd, 2016

In order to make the popularity of people playing futsal bigger, one must not only have a decent referees to rule the games but also good coaches to bring up the level of the teams. Training players to a higher level to make futsal more popular is CAFS’s duty.

Confederation of Asian Futsal invited a professional referee from Spain and a coach to have a seminar about why the tactic is so important in Futsal in Malaysia at April 2014.

The seminar for the referee is mainly about how the rules are different from AMF to FIFA rules. The seminar for coaches is mainly focused on why the tactics is so important in futsal.

CAFS is expecting that once people who join this seminar will go back to their countries and spread this knowledge in order to bring up the level of performance in futsal, hoping that everyone who attends this seminar will be able to make futsal in Asia better.